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House Rules.

The Establishment

House Rules.


1898 LLC. also known as ‘THE ESTABLISHMENT” or “THE CLUB”
A Public Members Club located at 201 South Baylen St. Pensacola Florida 32502.
The Club opening hours are as follows: Tuesday to Thursday: 11am until 11pm, Friday: 11am until 12am, Saturday: 5pm until 12am. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Last entry and final orders are at 10:30 pm.
Members may frequent the premises Tuesday thru Saturday beginning at 9am.
Alcohol sales begin Tuesday thru Saturday beginning at 11am for Members.


A business-casual dress code will be applied. Please wear clothes that are suitable to the Club. Please note the following clothing items will not be allowed at any time. Members’ guests need to be advised in advance accordingly.
Exercise wear, beach wear and other similar clothes.
Flip Flops.
Fashion jeans with holes or torn areas will be determined at time of requested admittance. This will be based on the size and location of holes or torn areas.
If wearing t-shirt or collarless shirts, then jackets are encouraged.
Men shall not wear hats, ball caps etc. while indoors.
When there are events or parties that require a standard dress code, Members will be notified in advance.


The Membership Committee ‘THE COMMITTEE” is appointed by the company to review and approve applications for potential membership.
The Committee has authority over all matters regarding membership.
All decisions made by the Committee are made at its absolute discretion. The committee has the final decision regarding membership. The Club does not offer an appeal process.


Membership to the Club is by invitation or inquiry. Membership is open and must be applied for in writing or via email. It is preferred that an existing member acts as a proposer and puts forward the application, however it is not essential. Prospective members will be invited to meet with the General Manager. They will be shown around the house and the rules will be discussed. A decision will be made once the application form has been duly completed, including confirmation of ability to make payment and the application has been approved by the Committee. Once Payment is placed on file membership will be issued.
Each membership includes an additional Establishment Card for benefit of the member’s spouse to share in the amenities purchased by the primary card holder. The additional card is complimentary and will be attached to the primary member’s method of payment. The secondary card does not confer any credit and is not to be considered a separate membership.
Members may bring as many guests as they wish, however expenses incurred by guests will be charged to the primary cardholders account. Separate tabs will not be created for guests.
Requests for cancellation of membership must be made in writing 30 days prior to the cancelation. Should cancelation of membership be any other day than the first day of the month, a fractural month’s membership will be prorated.


Corporate membership to the Club is by invitation or inquiry. Corporate Membership is open and must be applied for in writing or via email. Prospective corporate members will be invited to meet with the General Manager. They will be shown around the house and the rules will be discussed.
The corporation will receive four (4) Establishment Cards for the corporation to give as it sees fit.
The membership cards given MUST be to a named employee and that employee must complete the application as if he/she is an individual membership.
All charges incurred by the corporate member is the sole responsibility of the individual corporate member.
No additional Establishment cards for the corporate membership will be given to spouses or family members. Only the individual on file. Corporate members may bring as many guests as they wish. Those guests must be accompanied by the inviting corporate member at all times. All charges incurred will be the responsibility of the corporate member and charged to their card unless prior arrangements have been made.


The annual fee payable by a member, as of December 2023, is $2400.00 per annum. The Establishment will bill the member’s credit card in 12 equal payments of $200.00 the first of each month.
A credit of $50.00 (use or lose credit) The Club will credit the member’s account on file at the end of each previous month for the items purchased during said month.


Member’s shall inform the membership office of any changes to their contact details, i.e., postal, phone and email address etc., in writing or by email.
The Establishment is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of all member information. In order to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, we have put in place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure all of the information we collect.


Guests of the member will only be admitted to the Club during normal hours.
All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. If a member leaves the Club, their guests must leave with them unless prior arrangements have been discussed with management. Members are responsible for their guests conduct who must abide by the rules. Failure to do so will be brought the attention of the member and can potentially cause the membership to be cancelled.
The manager on duty may refuse entry to any member and their guest to the Club at their absolute discretion.
No food or beverages from outside are permitted to be consumed in the Club.
Any guests under the age of 21 years old will not be granted entry into the Club due to licensing restrictions.


The General Manager acting on behalf of the Committee may expel or suspend membership from the Club for a specified period for any member whose conduct, in the opinion of the management, might be injurious to the character or interest of the Club or render him/ her unfit to associate with other members and their guests of the Club.
If the member has their membership revoked by management, there will be no refund of any fees paid.


No member shall remove, damage or destroy any artwork, item of furniture or any other articles belonging to the Club.
If a member or their guest causes the loss, damage or destruction of any such property as described above, the member shall bear full responsibility for the cost of repair or replacement of the damaged items.
The Establishment observes a zero-tolerance policy to drugs. If any member or other user is found in possession of, or using, illegal drugs or volatile substances, they will be asked to leave with a termination of membership. If they do not leave, the police will be called.
Mobile/Cellular Phone use is limited to the court yard.
Laptops, electronic devices as well as any professional material will be asked to be put away after 6pm.
Photographing within the Club is authorized for your personal use. Please respect the privacy of the other members.


Members introducing guests are wholly responsible for their conduct and ensure that their guests abide by the Rules of the Club.
A member should inform the management of their guests’ early arrival, as admittance to the Club shall not be permitted otherwise.
Guests may not remain in the Club once the member has left the premises.


Smoking and/or vaping is prohibited inside the Establishment and is considered non-smoking. The designated smoking area is in the court yard.
When smoking in the designated area, you are requested to be considerate of those people around him/her.


Property entrusted by a member or his guest to a member of staff for safe custody, or any other purpose does so entirely at their own risk.
Any items found in the Club after closing will be recorded in the lost property book, held for 28 days from the date found and then disposed of.


If you have lost an item within the Club premises, please report immediately the item to the concierge on duty. When a lost item is found by the Club, it shall be kept in the back house for three months. If the owner can be identified, the Club will report it immediately. After the three-month period expires, the Club will dispose of the property. Please note that the Club shall bear no responsibility over the loss of any property by member’s or guests.


Any incident that may occur in the Club or immediately outside the premises that involves a member, or the guest of a member, should be reported immediately to the General Manager, or to the Manager on duty.
Aggressive or abusive behavior towards staff, members or guests of members will not be tolerated, and expulsion of the Club will be immediate.


Any or all of these rules may be revoked, supplemented or altered by The Establishment or The Committee at any time and all members will be notified within 14 days of any such change.


Every member shall be bound by these Rules.