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Corporate Application.

/Corporate Application



I am interested in acquiring a corporate membership in The Establishment, a premier business and social club (“the Club”) owned and operated by 1898, LLC, a Florida limited liability company (“Company”). I am providing the following information for membership in the Club. Upon completion and review of this application, I acknowledge and agree that the Club makes no representations or guarantees whatsoever as to my acceptance for membership in the Club.

    Corporation Information

    Applicant's Company Name:


    Nature of Business or Profession:

    Business Address:


    Years Established:

    Accounts Payable

    Name of Institution:




    List the names of the potential card holders of the Corporate Membership

    Referring Member and Sponsor Information

    Referring Members and Sponsors, please review the Sponsorship Information found in the Rules and Regulations for the Club before
    signing below.

    Referring Member Name:

    Membership Number:

    Years Known:

    Sponsor Name:

    Membership Number:

    Years Known:

    Sponsor Name:

    Membership Number:

    Years Known:

    Applicant's Authorization

    Yes The corporation acknowledges, accepts and understands that the membership is contingent upon approval by the Club, which approval shall
    be at the sole discretion of the Club. If accepted for membership, the Club will send the corporation a letter notifying him/her of their
    acceptance for membership and will provide the applicants a Membership Agreement. I acknowledge and agree that membership in the
    Club is not effective and binding until the Membership Agreement is executed by the Club and all membership fees are paid in full.

    If accepted for membership in the Club, The corporation further agrees to pay all required membership fees, monthly dues/fees and any
    charges incurred on the membership account with the Club. The corporation acknowledges and accepts that membership fees and monthly
    dues/fees are subject to change at the sole discretion of the Club. The corporation further acknowledges, accepts, and understands that The
    corporation is liable and responsible for all financial obligations relating to the membership in the Club, including all fees and charges
    associated with approved members and guests who utilize the Club.

    If The corporate Membership Application is approved, The corporation agrees to observe and be bound by this Membership Application,
    the Membership Plan and the Rules and Regulations of the Club.

    The Corporation acknowledges, accepts, and understands that the information stated herein is true, and any false statement or false
    information contained herein may be grounds for denial of the application or for termination of the membership after acceptance.